Democrats Have Lost on Abortion

We had the sound bite yesterday on this program. Kathleen Sebelius was testifying on Capitol Hill. She actually said, quote: “The reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for the cost of contraception.” She was suggesting that fewer babies born would make the cost of contraception not be as much, and it would reduce health care costs overall as well. Now, what’s happening here politically with the elevation of contraception here to such prominence in the national debate? To me, it is evidence that the Democrats and the left have encountered utter political and moral failure on their decades-long abortion push.

It just isn’t the winning issue for them it used to be.

It is not the issue. If it were, this wouldn’t be about contraception. This would be about abortion. Follow me on this. This is key politically. The Democrats need these planks to scare voters about the Republican Party. If abortion were still the winning issue that the Democrats think that it used to be, Sandra Fluke would be testifying about that. Sandra Fluke would be upset that abortion is not being paid for at Georgetown, a Catholic Jesuit university. But she’s not, is she? She’s testifying about contraception. “Contraception” is the replacement plank for “abortion” in the Democrat Party platform. That’s what’s happening here, in a political sense.



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