Democrats Deal with the Unintended Consequences of All-Out Assault on Us

And the fallout continues. The unintended consequences of piling on me and talk radio is now causing blowback. See, you know what’s become clear to people is that (and this was Kirsten Powers’ point in her two columns about this that she wrote), “You mean it’s okay to say these horrible things about women if you’re a Democrat, because everybody knows as a Democrat you are for abortion and birth control and you’re for liberalism, and basically you’re on the right team? And so it makes it okay to utter these things about women ’cause, you know, ‘Wink, wink nod, nod,’ we all know?” And what Fast Eddie is discovering here is that Democrat women say, “No, it’s not okay.

“Just because they’re on our side, it doesn’t make it okay.” Because the women are standing up and saying, “We don’t like being denigrated in this way by anybody. Remember, now, this is de rigueur on the Democrat side. This is every day. Peggy Noonan has a great column on this today in the Wall Street Journal where she chronicles some of the everyday stuff uttered by left-wing bloggers and comedians. And it is utter filth. But they’ve never been called on it because they support abortion and they vote Democrat and they’re on the “right side” of things. So Democrat women are supposed to look the other way and just laugh about it when all these derogatory things are said.

Plus when you say it about Sarah Palin: My God, that’s gotta be cool! And what Eddie Rendell here told Bill Burton was, “Nope, it’s not just conservatives who are calling for us to give it back, Bill. It’s Democrat women,” and Burton said, “Hmmph!” You heard him say “Hmmph!” in there. So it’s another unintended consequence here. It’s like blacks can never be guilty of racism or hate crimes. Liberals can never be guilty of sexism. Why, they’re all for “women’s rights,” which is abortion and Planned Parenthood and all that.

So what Democrat women are standing up and saying is, “Wait a minute! You guys can’t have a circumstance here or situation where there are no standards for you, and yet you demand standards for everybody else but you have no standards for you. And your ‘no standards’ allows you to say all these derogatory things about women in general? I don’t care whether Republican women or us.” And they’re finally standing up and saying, “You can’t have no standards for yourself and at the same time create impossible standards for everybody else.”



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