Death of a Hero

Andrew Breitbart never avoided confrontation—he SOUGHT IT OUT. He would walk into groups of angry liberal mobs and he would talk to them. He TALKED TO THEM. He would ask protesting union workers simple questions like, “why are you here?” and “who paid for your trip?” and they wouldn’t know what to say. He proved over and over that they were all made up of smoke and mirrors.

Andrew Breitbart paved the way for EVERY ONE OF US to be Citizen Journalists. He made sure that we regular Conservatives would feel competent enough to fight the force that is the mainstream media. He wrote his book “Righteous Indignation” to remind us that we each needed to feel confident enough to SPEAK OUT when we see something wrong. He encouraged us to blog and write articles and make videos when we knew something wasn’t being told correctly. He told every one of us to STAND STRONG when we knew we were being treated badly in a PC world where our values and principles were taking a back seat to the liberal agenda.



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