There is a lot of talk about Ron Paul running 3rd party if he isn’t the nominee, and I’m sure we would all love to have him on the ballot in November instead of having to write him in. What people don’t realize is how hard it actually is to run a national campaign as a third-party candidate.

So, if you want to leave the option open for RP to run third party, unarguably the best way we can do it is to make him the American’s Elect nominee. If he is nominated directly by the American people, there can’t really be a lot of backlash if he were to accept that nomination, as opposed to what would result from something like the Libertarian party.

Also, this would be a huge advantage for him because he would already be on the ballot in every state, would be included in Presidential debates, and would have some other organization backing his independent run in addition to just us supporters.

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