Well, folks, it’s so predictable, and it’s hilarious. MSNBC, PMSNBC practically 24/7 has decided their new theme is the “war on women.” The Chyron graphic, they have guests, they have shows, they have hosts, talking about the war on women. And it’s hilarious. I can’t think — Snerdley, I know you’ll agree with me on this — I can’t think of a single red-blooded American male who wouldn’t surrender to any woman in a war. “Here, take me prisoner, I’m all yours.” This whole notion of a war on women, it’s so contrived. It’s so forced. It feels so unnatural. ‘Cause there is no war on women.

Here, please take me captive, madam. If there’s a war on women, I want to surrender. It reminds me of the peacenik bumper stickers back in the 1960s. (paraphrasing) “What if they gave a war and nobody showed up?” That was a popular bumper sticker back in the sixties when I was a teenager. Our side certainly hasn’t shown up in this war on women. Mostly because there isn’t one. What there is, is a war on freedom. There is a war on freedom being waged daily from the White House. It’s being orchestrated by Obama and his willing sycophants in the Drive-By Media. And not just religious freedom. Freedom of everybody, including women. The avowed purpose, the express purpose of the Obama administration, is to grow this government to as massive a size as they can pull off and take control over as much as they can.

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