Can We Get Enough Obama Voters to Admit That They Made a Terrible Mistake?

Jim Geraghty today, National Review Online: “Do Wavering Obama Voters Think the Man They Voted for Is Naive? — In the Tuesday edition of the Morning Jolt, an examination of a key question before Republicans and conservatives this year: ‘How do you persuade someone who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 to vote for the Republican option in 2012? It is bigger than the million-dollar question. Republican turnout may or may not be higher than in 2008. Some Obama voters of 2008 will stay home in 2012. But in the end, Obama had 69.4 million votes in 2008 and McCain,'” well, Palin, “‘had 59.9 million. To get to 270 electoral votes, the Republican nominee will need some of those 69.4 million to swing into his column.

“‘Not long ago, our great deputy managing editor Kevin Williamson noted: “The most acute division on the right — the one that will give Mitt Romney the most trouble — is not between moderates and hard-core right-wingers, between electability-minded pragmatists and ideologues, or between the Tea Party and the Republican establishment. It is between those Republicans who disagree with Barack Obama, believing his policies to be mistaken, and those who hate Barack Obama, believing him to be wicked. Mitt Romney is the candidate of the former, but is regarded with suspicion, or worse, by the latter. The former group of Republicans [and that’s those who disagree with Obama] would be happy merely to win the presidential election, but the latter,”‘” the ones they say here hate Obama.

It’s not about “hate,” but I’ll get to that in a minute. “[T]he latter are after something more: a national repudiation of President Obama, of his governmental overreach, and of managerial progressivism mainly as practiced by Democrats but also as practiced by Republicans.” There’s some truth to that. The right way to say this is: We don’t hate Obama; we despise what he’s doing to the country! And, yeah, it does require a massive turnaround. And it does require a massive repudiation of his policies. The American people have to know how destructive and bad they are and have been. And, by the way, I’m in that group, and I make no apology for it. I make no apology.



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