Can Dems Win by Losing?

There are three potential outcomes here. And two of these outcomes I can see as big wins for the left and for Obama, when you look at what they want. What is it they want? They don’t want a mandate. They don’t want the mandate to be said to be constitutional. I mean, they’ll take it but that’s not what their objective is. Their objective is the abolition of private sector health insurance as an industry and the creation of a single-payer health care system with them charge. They want there to be nowhere else for anybody to go for health insurance but to them, and in so doing they can regulate every aspect of our lives.

That’s what they want.

So you have to look at it from this perspective: If they lose this case, if the mandate is found to be unconstitutional, how does that move the ball forward for them?

There is a way. There are a couple ways, in fact.

James Carville is telling us what the Democrats want. They won’t mind if they lose this mandate. That just speeds ’em along even faster to single-payer as the only solution. “Breaking news!” Politico: “Supreme Court struggled with question of how much of Obama’s health care law to salvage if justices throw out individual mandate.

“Most of the justices appeared opposed to tossing out the entire law, but their views of how much to keep in place were murky and didn’t break down along conservative and liberal lines.” Okay, so we’re gonna go now from one person determining whether or not the mandate’s constitutional to the entire bunch of nine telling us what part of the law they think is okay and what parts aren’t. And everybody’s (panting) breathlessly waiting like a bunch of starved dogs waiting to be fed. It’s the reality that we live in. I’m just observing. I’m not complaining about it per se because it’s been this way for a long time. It’s just things are different now. The nation hangs in the balance of what happens here with these nine people. So the justices, if they throw out the mandate, now they appear opposed to tossing out the whole thing.

But, see, it can’t survive without the mandate.

The mandate is the funding mechanism.



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