Can anybody other then Obama win this thing?

by Steven A. Castleton

Yogi Berra once said “It ain’t over till it’s over”. Looking at the results from the Republican primaries till this point, Rosanne Barr must be warming up her singing voice.

With the primary season well under way, I wonder if we are closer to choosing who will be the Republican nominee, or are we closer to choosing who should not be the nominee. Let’s not talk about the delegate count, let’s talk about the count that should really matter, the actual vote count (as of 03/12/2012).

So far Mitt Romney has garnered 3,203,592 votes and Rick Santorum 1,974,351. Is Romney winning? Or is he not losing? There have been 4,728,031 no-votes for Romney. Most of them from Republicans who consider themselves Conservatives. That’s 59.6% of the Republicans who voted in this year’s primaries have said they do not want Mitt Romney as their nominee.

A recent Gallup poll found that only about 36% of voters think the present Republican candidates are the best options.

What is most disturbing about the vote count till this point is that when then Senator Barack Obama ran against then Senator Hillary Clinton, at the same point in the primary schedule, he received 5,430,984 votes. So let’s do the math.

President Barack Obama vs. Governor Romney, Obama wins 5,430,984 to 3,203,592 (62.9% to 37.1%). President Barack Obama vs. a candidate other then Mitt Romney, Obama wins 5,430,984 to 4,728,031 (53.5% to 46.5%).

What are the choices?

The Republican Party can either get behind one of the candidates, or a yet un-named candidate or get ready for four more years of Barack Obama, and what looks more and more possible by the day, a Congress controlled in both chambers by the Democrats.



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