As Gas Prices Rise, It’s Still Not Obama’s Fault

In an interview with WFTV in Washington, DC today, President Obama spoke about rising gas prices — and the politically disastrous effect they’ve had for him. In his usual “it’s-not-my-fault!” style, he says he understands that the American people will blame him, but eschews the idea that there’s an easy solution to the problem.

Obama referred to the phrase, “there’s no magic bullet.” The president said any politician who says there is one is not being truthful.

Still, an ABC poll released on Monday shows Obama is taking the blame.

The poll shows two-thirds of Americans disapprove of his handling of gas prices, which is a record high for the president, and only eight months before the election.

“Well look, as long as gas prices are going up, people are going to feel like I’m not doing enough, and I understand that,” Obama said.



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