Are the democrats really the party that is pro-woman like they have been claiming?

There are many misperceptions going around in the mainstream, but this has to be one of the most damaging of all: democrats saying that they are the party that is pro-woman.

There’s a line in a song that says, “Wonderful is what you’ll feel in you, when you do the things you’re MADE to do.” A good piece of wisdom that is attached to that is to recognize that we aren’t in total control, but when we operate our lives and beings according to how they were designed to work, good feelings happen in us. When we go against their design, unpleasant feelings happen in us to correct us.

So in that light, it needs to be recognized that in the absence of the best feelings … love, peace, romance, inspiration, reverence, creativity, patriotism, unity and productivity … people use things to try to make up for the lack of those being in their experience. They use alcohol, drugs, fiction, false idols, etc. They also use alcohol and drugs to try to escape the bad feelings that come with living unnaturally … like depression, pain, etc.

So, are women in modern times being encouraged by the democrats to be in harmony with the ways that their bodies and emotions will give them good feelings? Just the opposite. They are being discouraged and made fun of … starting with the entertainment industries and passed on through belittling by their peers.

And I’ve seen this degradation promoted by liberals gradually happen since the 1950’s. Do people realize how highly loved and respected women were in the ‘50s (as were all authorities, including God)? They were standard bearers of grace, beauty and civility. And there is a great feeling of love, happiness and security that comes with that kind of order.

One of the biggest culprits in this degradation has been artificial birth control, in which pills are used to alter a woman’s body to be other than how it was meant to function. The natural function of fertility is physically suppressed mainly so women can engage in sex outside of marriage. But a woman’s natural feelings that go along with sexual desire are geared to make the product of sex (a baby) have a safe, nurturing home emotionally and financially supported by a father and mother who love each other and the baby. Therefore a woman’s natural design includes a need to be loved and married to ensure that happens. (This is also true for men.) But men and women (also once again leaving their true nature) often have to resort to alcohol or drugs to overcome their heart’s natural resistance to having sex outside of marriage. Further complicating this is the predominance of pornography, where the lure factor is eliminated as the mystery is taken away. And the many movies and TV shows where infidelity is portrayed.

The song by Frank Sinatra, “Love And Marriage” has a great line: “Dad was told by mother, you can’t have one without the other.” Ironically it became the theme song for a sitcom where a slutty daughter was accepted as “cool.”

So as liberals try to pull the wool over people’s eyes under the guise of being “liberated” and “cool,” it needs to be recognized that they have greatly hurt life for women. This can be seen by listening to the music of the ‘40s and early ‘50’s. And watching the movies and TV from back then, notice the big, sincere, loving smiles of women. Now compare those to the movies and TV now … not to mention the feelings in the music. Plus I lived back then and I know first hand how much happier women in general were and how strong they were in saying no to sex. And a big part of that is because the culture supported that (not to mention that God and His ways were revered).

This is just one more reason to never vote democrat (and there are a lot more). And I didn’t even mention the insanity of abortion and STD’s (which I get fully into that and more in my books, as well as how to make a marriage work).

The correct perception of reality is: democrats are VERY anti-woman and should not be supported with our votes so that they can continue the damage that they do.

Byline: Dennis Marcellino is the author of The Plague Of Liberalism, which can be seen at and THE SOLUTIONS, which can be seen at and Addiction Free Forever, which can be seen at



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