Ann Romney and Barbara Bush Make News

Did you hear what Barbara Bush said? She said it’s the worst campaign ever. She was in Dallas yesterday at SMU during a forum entitled America’s First Ladies: The Republican War on Women. (No, I’m making that up.) America’s First Ladies: An Enduring Vision. Barbara Bush said this about this campaign…

BARBARA BUSH: It’s been, I think, the worst campaign I’ve ever seen in my life. I just hate it. I hate the fact that people think “compromise” is a dirty word.

RUSH: That’s why the campaign is the worst she’s ever seen. “I hate the fact that people think ‘compromise’ is a dirty word.” Now, Mrs. Bush comes from a more genteel time when the Republicans were thought of very highly when they compromised, such as, well: “Read my lips: No new taxes,” and then compromise on it. Such as instances like that when we had 135 members of the House, and the Democrats ran the show for 40 years. That’s when it was pretty smooth. There wasn’t a whole lot of acrimony going on then. The worst that happened was the Republicans were laughed at and made fun of every day.

But they weren’t called vicious names like hatemongers and mean-spirited, extremist, racist, bigot homophobes. And so it was a genteel time. Now Mrs. Bush probably does not see the future the same way we do, in the sense that we think the country is on the brink. I actually think, folks, we’re losing the country. There’s always gonna be an America. There’s always gonna be the Continental 48 and Alaska and Hawaii. There’s always gonna be a United States of America. But I think we’re losing the country as found. We’re losing our moral core. We are losing the foundation, the strengths that are required that made this the greatest country ever.

We’re losing the things that distinguished us from everybody else, and the primary thing that we’re losing is freedom. Because it is freedom, an unparalleled amount of freedom, we have. Human beings in this country know and knew freedom like human beings in the rest of the world never even dreamed of. Well, they did dream of it. I take it back, they did ream of it — and they all tried to come here. And that’s what American exceptionalism is. We’re an exception to the standard living conditions of the vast majority of humanity. Most human beings live in tyranny. They live lives of — if not squalor — certainly not prosperity, with no opportunity for it. Many people lived in fear constantly of the authorities around them. They lived in jails, dungeons. They feared being overheard.

That was the standard for human life: Tyranny, despotism, dictatorship.

That’s the way most people lived, and the United States of America came along and all of that changed. And it all changed because of our Constitution and our founding documents like the Declaration of Independence — all of them put together — acknowledged freedom comes from God. Liberty, rights, all come from God. Our Constitution was written to limit what government can do. Our rights were established on the basis of what government could not do to us. The Obama regime and the Democrat Party (as constituted today) wants “rights” to be redefined as what government decides it might or might not do for you. Obama and the American left, the worldwide left, want “rights” to result from dictatorship. They want “rights” to be defined by government, not by our natural existence as created by God.

That’s what we’re losing — and in so doing, we’re losing the country.

Far more Americans than you would believe feel and think the same way.



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