An Assault on the Symbols of America

What Obama wants is to establish separate laws, depending on which tribe or which race you belong to. And the Constitution doesn’t do that, and the Declaration of Independence doesn’t do that. This is all part of Obama’s disdain for the Constitution. Obama, ladies and gentlemen, looks at the Constitution as “rich white man’s law.” The Founders, in his view, were rich white guys. And the Constitution to him and others like him is what they call a “charter of negative liberties.” And what that means to them is the Constitution tells government what it cannot do and how it cannot infringe on our natural, God-given rights which result from our birth and creation. Well, Obama wants a constitution that specifically spells out what the government can do.

Obama wants a constitution where the government is supreme and paramount, not the individual. And so he wants to establish separate laws, depending on which tribe or which race you happen to belong to. The Constitution is a rich white man’s law. This is all part of it. It’s the core philosophy of “Critical Race Theory,” which is the subject that the Breitbart people are examining with their videos of Derrick Bell from Harvard who Obama supported, and Soledad O’Brien… (chuckling) Poor Soledad! She doesn’t know what she’s talking about ever. She’s a Harvard graduate. She’s being criticized on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever for the first time in her career.

She doesn’t know how to deal with it. She begging people to stop sending her critical tweets. It’s kind of laughable. Here’s a woman protected by the bubble that surrounds all these mainstream liberal journalists. They’re immune from criticism. They are never criticized, at least to their face. I mean, she knows there are people out there that rip her for being part of the liberal media, but they laugh at that. But now, this personal stuff! People tweeting, questioning her authenticity, questioning her knowledge? Oh, that’s not done! And it’s all over Critical Race Theory. But why…? Are the Indians clamoring, the Native Americans of Wyoming, clamoring to be able to shoot the bald eagle? If they are, I’m unaware of it.

I don’t know that they’re not doing so, but Obama has granted them permission to kill the bald eagle, and it does happen to be the national bird. So Obama has to know that there are going to be people who react to this in an entirely predictable away. And it’s an unfavorable reaction to him. He’s got to know this. So I think it’s a little bit of a goose. I think it’s a little bit of the attempt to establish separate laws. Certain tribes, certain races can do certain things that others can’t. And, by the way, rich white man’s law, that’s 1% versus 99%. That means that 99% have been victimized by rich white guys from the founding of the country.

It’s time to get even with the rich white guys, and everything descends or flows from that. (interruption) Okay, it was the Northern Arapahoe tribe that filed a federal lawsuit last year contending that the refusal to issue permits violates tribal members’ religious freedom. So apparently some of these Northern Arapahoe Native Americans are making a religious claim to be able to kill the bald eagle. And, of course, Obama — recognizing that rich white man’s law denies them this religious freedom, is stepping aside. “Oh, okay! It’s part of your religion to kill the bald eagle? Well, here you go! I’m gonna sign off on permission.”

That’s really what this is about.



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