After Impassioned Obama Plea to Punish Big Oil, the Dem Senate Rejects His Bill

The president was at the White House this morning. He kicked up his community organizing again, this time against Big Oil. And this is something he does two or three times a year, trying to get a mob together to distract from the Keystone pipeline and what’s happening with gasoline prices and his moratoriums on drilling and his refusal to permit new drilling.

He’s trying to shift the blame for the gasoline prices where the left always takes it, and that’s to Big Oil. Now, for those of you new to the program, the Democrat Party — the left, however you want to think of them — cannot triumph arguing their ideas. They lose. Their ideas are rejected (and always have been) by a majority of the American people. They are a minority. They represent 20% or 25% of the thinking of this country. But because they have the media and movies and books, newspapers and so forth, it’s made to look like they are — liberalism is — the dominant media culture, the dominant cultural way of thinking, dominant everything. And it isn’t.

It’s dominant in the classroom and it’s dominant on the movie screens. But in real life the people that make this country work are not liberal. Liberalism is not the backbone of America. It’s not what makes the country work. It’s what’s trying to tear the country down. And for liberals to triumph — for them to win elections, for them to persuade you — they can’t sell their ideas. They have to demonize their opponents. And in this case Barack Obama needs an enemy, and if you pay attention, they’ve got an enemies list. And virtually every major private sector, industrial sector is an enemy. Big Oil, Big Pharmaceutical, Big Retail (i.e., Walmart), they are all enemies. They’re out to screw the little guy. And the liberals set themselves up as the guardians and the saviors.



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