ACLU Tells Muslims Not To Talk To The FBI

And the ACLU probably wonders why we refer to them as fifth-columnists.

(Daily Pennsylvanian) — If the Federal Bureau of Investigation knocks on your door to ask you questions, you don’t have to answer.

“You have no obligation to speak to an FBI agent and should not without a lawyer present,” American Civil Liberties Union legal fellow Seema Saifee told students and community members March 17.

The Muslim Students Association hosted an event called “Know Your Rights,” where ACLU representatives explained people’s rights when confronted by law enforcement issues. The event was in response to last month’s reports of the New York Police Department’s surveillance of MSAs across the Northeast.

The event was part of Penn’s sixth Annual Islamic Law Conference. The Muslim Law Students Association and National Muslim Law Students Association helped Penn MSA host the conference.

A crowd of about 30 attended the lecture, which featured two lawyers from the ACLU. They discussed surveillance policies, questioning by law enforcement agencies and extra airport security targeted at Muslims.



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