A Week of Shameless Obama Lies

Let’s review the important things of this week. The first two days of the week we had the polling data from the New York Times and the Washington Post, polls which were devastating to the regime, devastating to Obama. The New York Times poll has his approval at 41%, an all-time low in that poll. These polls were so bad that pollsters and Democrats and media people are now insulting the respondents by calling them “stupid” and questioning themselves as to whether or not their own polls are broken. But these polls had a devastating impact on the White House, because last week was supposed to produce Obama in the upper fifties.

This mythical, nonexistent Republican “war on women” was supposed to work. There’s a reason it didn’t. There are many reasons, actually. But I think the primary reason why this so-called Republican war on women doesn’t work, isn’t working and won’t work is: For three years there has been an unmitigated, nonstop Democrat war on Sarah Palin alone. And then you throw in Michele Bachmann or any other prominent conservative woman, and there’s a war on all of them by the Democrat Party with their comedians, with their elected officials. I don’t care who it is, there were no boundaries on this one. There has been an unmitigated war on Sarah Palin.

And even people who pay scant attention to politics during the course of a week, as opposed to people like you who are immersed in it, couldn’t help but notice it. So here the people who are literally trying to destroy Sarah Palin for three years (make it four because let’s count the year of 2008), now all of a sudden they come out and say there’s a Republican war on women? It just doesn’t fly. It’s sort of like the Democrats fail to dynamically score economic proposals, budgets. They use a static analysis. And by that I mean they’ll propose a tax increase, and they’ll just assume (this is the static analysis) that everybody will just sit there and pay it and that the amount of money they raise in tax is what they’re gonna get flowing into the Treasury.

Well, dynamically that doesn’t happen. Dynamically people take action to avoid paying the taxes. So raising taxes never raises the revenue that they project. Well, just as in this case they have a static circumstance. They go out, create this mythical Republican war on women, and they just expect everybody to believe it, and then for there to be appropriate fallout. “No more Limbaugh. No more Republican nominee having a chance,” blah, blah, blah. And then when Obama’s own polls plummet and nobody buys into the so-called war on women mounted by the Republicans, the Democrats scratch their heads. “What happened?” Just like they scratched their heads when they raised taxes and no money flows into the treasury, “Wh — wh — what happened?”



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