“A Hundred Thousand Million Dollars”

If you want to hear about this stuff, you don’t have to go anywhere because we are going to continue to try to inform people and open their eyes about it. I just saw that number that Apple’s cash hoard that they’re trying to figure out what to do with is $100 billion and that that’s $100,000 million. I think that may be the most effective translation of size I’ve seen. Everybody is constantly looking like, “You could stack dollar bills from here to the moon and that’s $5 trillion” or whatever number. You can’t see that. You can’t see $5 trillion worth of dollar bills stacked. You can’t visualize it ’cause the moon doesn’t really look that far away.

It’s 240,000 miles away, but it doesn’t look it. So those analogies leave me cold. But this one, for some reason, got through because a million dollars is a magical number. Most people think a millionaire, that’s a big thing. $100,000 million, gosh, that’s a lot of money! That is more money than anybody can comprehend having or spending, and then when you realize that is .006% of the national debt, that puts in perspective just how much money we are spending, and it also reinforces the notion of the federal budget. Just look annually at the federal budget, which is $3 trillion. It’s absurd.

It can’t possibly cost $3 trillion to actually constitutionally run this country. The only way we spend $3 trillion is if we make welfare recipients out of increasing number of people each and every day, which is what we’re doing. These entitlement programs, these giveaway programs. People think Obama’s gonna fill our gas tank every week or buy ’em a new car or what have you. But in terms of what is constitutionally required of this government, there’s no way, even today, that it costs $3 trillion. But $100,000 million, that was the first expression of an amount of money that I thought everybody could understand just how big it is. And then the next step: How insignificant it is compared to what all we’re spending.

It’s $100 billion is $100,000 million.

And you would be happy with one million. A hundred thousand million? You’d be happy with a hundred thousand dollars!

So this, to me, is relatable.



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