The Regime Utopians are Out of Touch

We had the Democrat Party, we had Barack Obama, I don’t care who in the party you’re talking about, the conventional wisdom, what everybody seems to believe, is that the Democrats care about the little guy. The Democrats are for the downtrodden, the hungry, the thirsty, the starving, the depressed, the bullied, you name it. They have the big hearts. They have all the compassion. The Republicans and their big business buddies basically just want to get rid of the everybody, kill the customers and charge everybody all these expensive prices for stuff that they need and want. They don’t care about anybody. That’s standard operating procedure for the media.

I think it’s just the exact opposite. And furthermore, I think in addition to everything else that’s wrong with Obama and his regime, his agenda, everything he’s trying to do to the country, I also think that most of the people in his administration are simply out of touch with the American people. I don’t think they have the slightest clue what life in this country is like. They are utopians. They have this dream where everybody is perfect as they define perfection, by the way, which means you and I, everybody else are totally subservient to them.

Obama’s energy secretary doesn’t drive a car. He rides his bicycle around or is driven around, but he doesn’t drive a car. He doesn’t know what all’s involved in driving a car, from the price of gasoline to tuning it up, to getting it serviced, all of this. He may have in the past, but nobody in the Obama administration’s ever held a job in the private sector. They’re all academicians. They’re all from the academy. They all just sit around the faculty lounge and dream about what would happen if they were in charge. They’d get rid of that ugly dirty oil and they’d get rid of all the filth and pollution and they’d get rid of global warming and they’d get rid of the US military, focus of evil in the modern world, and they’d get rid of all this stuff that they think is evil. They get elected and they’re clueless.



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