Will There Be Another GOP Candidate?

Is the almost-assured Republican primary contest victor no longer as assured? That seems to be the general consensus going around about Mitt Romney recently, as his polling numbers have dropped in the wake of a powerful Rick Santorum wave that has completely eclipsed the GOP field. On Fox News Sunday today, Chris Wallace asked his panelists what will happen to Romney’s candidacy if he loses Michigan, an important state for him to snatch in the primary season.

One of Romney’s ads says that “this is personal,” but his appeal to the state that he used to call his home has been for naught, as Santorum currently leads him by eight points in the latest statewide polls. The Wall Street Journal‘s Kimberley Strassel argued that Romney’s whole case at this point is electability, and if he can’t win Michigan it will undermine his whole argument in the facce of two strongly social conservatives. She added that the only problem with Santorum plowing on ahead is that he doesn’t have the kind of money the other candidates do to press on, but all Romney is doing is “running on biography.”



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