What Do We Do Now? Focus on Obama

So what do we do now, folks? That’s the question. Everybody wants to know what do we do now? And what we do now is what we should have been doing all along. I’ll give you an example. Obama’s on TV this morning. He was in Falls Church, Virginia, doing a campaign speech. And in this appearance he announced yet another plan to bail out people who are underwater in their houses. I don’t know what this is, HARP 2, HARP 3. We alluded to this a few weeks ago where Obama was gonna take people that were underwater and basically refinance their mortgages and have a monthly payment max out at something like six or seven hundred dollars. Not quite forgive everybody’s mortgage, but the effort was to make them think that was going to happen. That’s the reason, one of the many reasons, Obama’s out there saying, “Vote for me today.”

We predicted this a few weeks ago, promising the government will refinance everybody’s loans. No credit checks. No proof of anything. All you have to do is promise to vote for him. And that’s implied. That is understood. I mean that’s the whole point of it. So how do you fight this? What do we do? The only thing that has ever had a chance from the first days of this election, this campaign, has been to make it about Obama. Every day, in every which way possible, on issues, on Obama’s record, on the things you can’t defend. That’s what needs to happen. That’s what our chance is. Our team is not all that good. You know it and I know it. They’re just not.

We had the CBO projections yesterday. Folks, the latest CBO report projects the US economy to only grow at a rate of 1% in 2013. That is the year, whoever the next president is, is inaugurated. This is the ostensibly nonpartisan CBO. And the projection rate for GDP is 1%, 2.2% for this year. Some of this is due to Obamacare kicking in in 2013. In addition, ladies and gentlemen, the Bush tax cuts are going to expire in 2013. That’s not a coincidence that the economy is only gonna grow at 1%. There is going to be, at minimum, a 30% increase in revenue to the government. In other words, 30% more money is gonna come out of the private sector in the form of tax increases or tax cuts ending. Let’s put it this way, tax rates being raised, is what’s gonna happen, is gonna result in 30% more money headed to Washington.



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