We Have Never Seen an American Politician with the Intentions of Barack Obama

Obama put out his budget this morning, a week late and a trillion dollars short. You’ll be shocked to hear, ladies and gentlemen, that Obama’s budget actually increases spending. I know I was shocked when I saw that. Well, based on what he’s said in the past. You take him at his word, what he said in the past, this is outrageous. (to staff) You guys are just now getting your lunch delivery? Boy, am I glad I don’t depend on that. Jeez.

Anyway, his budget increases spending, and there are only two areas where there are spending cuts in Obama’s budget, which is DOA. It’s a total fantasy. It isn’t going anywhere. You wonder why he even put this thing out ’cause it’s just gonna get slapped down. Even Democrats are slapping it down today. But the two areas where the Obama budget has real spending cuts are in defense and just found another cut, that’s the postal service. Obama’s budget proposes cutting back mail delivery to five days a week. You may think, “Big deal, Rush, that’s not a big thing. Nobody gets real mail anyway.” Wait a minute. That’s not gonna be a very popular budget cut. How many Americans rely on government checks? How many of Obama’s constituents rely on government checks? It’s a big number.

Now, I really don’t know this. I’m embarrassed I have to ask. Does the government mail out checks anymore, or are they direct deposit? Both. Okay, so the people who do receive checks, this is a cutback. It could have an impact, minor, but at least it’s possible. According to the new Obama budget, the national debt will be $1 trillion higher in a decade than previously forecast. Now, he usually gives his budget some kinda name. His first budget was called “The New Era of Fiscal Responsibility.” I kid you not. I don’t know what he’s calling this one, maybe Occupy America. Maybe this budget is Greece 2. Have you seen what’s happening in Greece? They’re rioting. They’re burning restaurants, shops, storefronts. But the wrong people are burning Greece down.



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