Violence at Gates of CPAC

On day two of the Conservative Political Action Conference, Occupy DC created a few disturbances. A group of several hundred protesters tried to advance on the Marriott Wardman Park hotel, but were turned away by police, who also threatened to arrest Slate’s Dave Weigel. A bit later, a group of about 20 Occupiers managed to crash the hotel, chanting “We are the 99%!”

They were quickly removed by police and hotel security, to heckling from CPAC attendees.

There was chatter all day, at CPAC, that Occupy protesters would make a move on the conference, with several false alarms. Then, at around 1pm, a group of several hundred protesters showed up, but were prevented from advancing onto the hotel grounds by a relatively small contingent of police. The police initially tried to keep conference attendees and reporters away from the protesters, threatening arrests, as Slate’s Dave Weigel reports:

At the moment the video cuts out, you’ll notice the cop grabbing his handcuffs and walking towards me. A second later he reached me and said “I already warned you once.” He dangled the handcuffs about a foot from my face. “Do you want to go to jail?” I told him that I hope he’d have a nice day. If he was successful, this Occupy protest and another protest at 5 would be pure, ignored sideshows.



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