Unbelievable: NPR Cites Planned Parenthood’s Poll But Omits Its Name On-Air

On Tuesday, NPR somehow thought a poll commissioned by abortion behemoth Planned Parenthood on the controversy over an ObamaCare birth control mandate was newsworthy enough to play up on its website. But later in the day, on All Things Considered, a show that reaches millions in the U.S., the media outlet spotlighted how the “new polling…suggests most voters, including Catholics, support the measure.”

Correspondent Scott Horsley noted the “survey released today by Public Policy Polling,” but completely failed to mention Planned Parenthood’s name during his report. Horsley also highlighted a disturbing strategy from the pro-mandate camp without: “Supporters of the new policy are belatedly trying to refocus attention in a more popular direction, away from religious freedom and towards women’s health care.”

Host Audie Cornish introduced the correspondents report by stating that the federal mandate “would require most employers, including Catholic hospitals and universities, to include birth control in their employees’ health insurance. Catholic leaders have denounced the policy as an assault on religious freedom.” But Cornish then added the line about “new polling…suggests most voters…support the measure.”



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