Trump Doesn’t Understand What’s Motivating Conservative Voters

So obviously Trump is another that doesn’t understand what is happening on the conservative side of things in the Republican Party. Now, you’ve gotta be very careful in discussing all this because these are periods here with all of these different instances of misunderstanding, lack of knowledge. At some point, all this gonna get put back together again. And when it gets put back together we’re gonna have to have a semblance here of unity, which every party goes through during a primary process. But I want to take this and analyze it: “Rick Santorum was a sitting Senator who in reelection lost by 19 points. To my knowledge, the most in the history of this country for sitting Senator to lose by 19 points. It’s unheard of. Then he goes out and it says, ‘Oh, okay. I just lost by the biggest margin in history; now I’m gonna run for president.'”

Now, keep in mind it was just last week that they had the big show in Las Vegas where Trump endorsed Romney. And the school of thought was… ‘Cause leading up to this point, late last year (well, the last three months of last year) Trump was gold. Trump himself was leading everything. And so the assumption could be made by Trump and others that Trump’s still gold. And if Trump’s not running, whoever Trump’s supporting is going to be the beneficiary of all the love and support Trump had. That doesn’t happen, and so people start scratching their heads. This thing last week, with Trump endorsing Romney, I guarantee you whoever thought of this…

And even if it happened genuinely, and I’m not saying it didn’t, but everything’s possible here. I’m sure the people… Let’s put it this way: I’m sure the people excited about this thought this was gonna put Romney over the top. I’m sure they thought this was it. “This is the gold endorsement. Maybe McCain didn’t do the trick, and maybe Dole didn’t do the trick, but here’s Trump; this is gold,” and it didn’t happen. So there’s a little… I don’t know, “upsetedness” here, confusion, curiosity. (paraphrasing) “My gosh, I just endorsed Romney last week, and Santorum, this guy who lost by 19 points? I never heard of this! I don’t understand this!”



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