The Sex-Obsessed Left is Offended by an Aspirin Joke?

Now, is this the first of one of those many days? No. I just don’t care. There’s nothing in this Stack that I said, “I can’t wait to talk about that.” There’s nothing in here that deserves to be at the top of the Stack, and, by the same token, there’s nothing in here that deserves to be at the bottom. It doesn’t matter. (interruption) No, I’m not depressed. No, no, nothing happened. Look, I know every one of you, some days you just don’t care. Nothing floats your boat. Not depressed. You’re just flatline. You don’t care. I’m talking about mood flatline. I’m not talking about heart rate. Come on, folks, you gotta cut me some slack. This is like the third day in 23 years I haven’t cared. I could come in here and fake it, but that’s not what Open Line Friday is all about. I fake it Monday through Thursday. On Friday I just let it hang loose. So I don’t really care.

I mean this Andrea Mitchell stuff — see, everything happening I predicted. We’re living in exactly what I thought was gonna happen. Nothing surprises me. There’s not one thing in the news that shocks me. Not one thing. What they’re trying to do to Santorum, I mean Newt’s guy, Mr. Las Vegas, he’s gonna pump, what is it, ten million more into Newt’s campaign. Kathryn asked me last night, “Where is this Republican nomination?” I said, “I can’t began begin to tell you where this Republican nomination is. I can’t begin to tell you where it’s going. Right now I couldn’t tell you that any of these three guys has a better chance than the other of winning this thing. It’s wide open as far as I’m concerned.”

And I’ll tell you this. Whoever wins it, there’s no doubt in my mind it’s gonna be pedal to the metal support time. ‘Cause I don’t think this election’s about our guys. They’re trying to make it about our guys. This election is about Obama. As far as I’m concerned it’s always gonna be about Obama. It’s not gonna be about anything else. You have to deal with the cards that you’re dealt, and we don’t have Ronald Reagan and a list of nominees. We just don’t have it. It’s not there. You can pretend and get upset, we just don’t have Reagan out there. There hasn’t been a Reagan since Reagan, other than me, and I’m not running. Palin’s not running. Marco Rubio’s not running. They’re not running.



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