The Real Unemployment Numbers

I want to try this unemployment business with numbers, but I must acknowledge that following numbers on the radio is admittedly tough to do. You can’t see them. But I’m gonna give you two examples. Twenty jobs and five people fill them, so 15 of the 20 jobs unfilled. That’s an unemployment rate of 80%. You got a universe here of 20 possible jobs, five of them are filled. That means 20% are working, 80% are not. Now let’s reduce the 20 to 15. There are 15 jobs, that’s what the regime has done, they’ve simply erased, in my example, five jobs. The same number of people, five people working, but now 15 jobs available. That is an unemployment rate of 66%. It has come down from 80%.

When five people fill 20 jobs, there are 15 jobs unfilled that people are looking for. Unemployment rate, 80%. Now that 20 becomes 15 jobs. Same number of people work at this place, but now there are only ten positions to fill instead of 15, that means the unemployment rate is 66%. So with the same number of people working and the same number of people looking, with five fewer jobs available, if you want to express those working versus the jobs available, the percentage is 66% verse 80 percent, the unemployment rate. You could look at it the other way around, 20% are working. Five people occupy 15 jobs, 33% are working. You simply make smaller the universe of possibility and keep the number of people chasing that number the same. And by simple math, the rate of unemployment, unfilled jobs will go down.

Not because new jobs have been created, by the way. This is the point of it. The unemployment rate in this country is coming down, but there aren’t any new jobs being created. This is the scam. They’re still unemployed. They’re still applying for unemployment compensation. They’re still running out of their 99 weeks. They’re still giving up looking. Everything’s the same. So how can the unemployment rate be coming down? Well, it isn’t. What’s happening is, the regime is simply reducing the overall number of jobs that are possible to be filled. Look, I am lousy at math, and this makes perfect sense to me. This is undeniable. And this is the scam. Unemployment rate is coming down, but the employment rate’s not going up. So what explains it? Well, I just did.



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