The Constitution is an Impediment to Libs

The Constitution has proscriptions against government. The Bill of Rights tells government what it cannot do. Obama and his buddies have a name for this. They say the Constitution is a set, if you will, of negative liberties, negative liberties from the point of view of the government. If you believe government should be all powerful, the Constitution’s your enemy, it’s an impediment. And that’s why Obama, whenever he can, is just ignoring it, such as recess appointments when there are no recesses. Such as telling the Catholic Church and other religious institutions — from the same bunch that runs around and talks about separation of church and state. The only time they care about that is when a religious conservative is about to win office or a religious conservative has a set of values and issues. Then we hear about separation of church and state.

When Obama wants to tell the Catholic Church what it must sell, what it must make available to people, and the things that it must do go counter to every moral underpinning it has, that’s not separation of church and state. No, that’s the church not knowing what’s good for it; that’s the church standing in the way of the state; that’s the church getting in the way of the state doing what it wants to do. And that’s really the root of all this, that obstacle that the Constitution is, is at the root of what Obama’s attempting to do here with the Catholic Church and contraceptives. It must provide abortion education in its schools. It must do these things as part of Obamacare. Obamacare itself, taken as a whole, has as its premise that the Constitution is wrong, that the Constitution’s flawed.

I mentioned this last week. We now have some audio. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the US Supreme Court was on Egyptian TV. She’d never say this on American TV, by the way. Not yet. But on al-Hayat TV, this is what she said to the Egyptians as they put together a constitution and reorganize their country.



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