The Clint Eastwood Ad is Right: It’s Time to Come Together… and Defeat Liberalism

I think Eastwood got scammed. I think he got scammed. I think he got roped into doing something he thought was patriotic, and ended up being played. I do.

That’s the Clint Eastwood ad that I would expect to hear at halftime if somebody tells me that there was one. This ad obviously that Eastwood did… I’m just gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and suggest he got suckered into this. All this talk of “working together”? You know, that’s always what people say when the Democrats are about to get shellacked. When the Democrats are about to get creamed, when the Democrats are on the ropes, “Time-out! Time-out, time-out! We gotta stop the criticism. We gotta stop all the partisanship. Time-out, time-out! We gotta all start working together.” Of course that means, “Republicans need to shut up. Conservatives need to shut up. Stop being critical! We gotta all come together now.

“We can’t change horses here in the middle of the stream. Obama’s policies are finally starting to work. It doesn’t matter who gets screwed, doesn’t matter who got screwed.” The only thing missing was (impression), “Go ahead, make my halftime.” (laughing) I just think this is so predictable and so typical. “Got to come together.” I can’t tell you the number of people that approached me now and say the same thing. Last December, a friend of mine requested to come to my house and talk to me for two hours about this, a friend from out of town. “I’m really worried about America, Rush. Just gotta… Gotta find some way to come together. Gotta start finding a way to get along.”

I said, “Well, I appreciate what you’re saying. I know. I’m gonna tell you what we need to do: We need to all come together and stop liberalism, and that means stopping liberals. That’s Barack Obama or Kathleen Sebelius or Harry Reid or John Kerry. I don’t care who. They need to be stopped. They are the ones. We don’t have much in common with them. There isn’t a whole lot of common ground between the two sides, the two primary sides that disagree here.” The Obama position is pretty radical. And because of the Obama position, because of where the Democrat Party is today, it could be argued that any opposition to it also is radical.



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