Rove: Obama’s Contraception Mandate Fight a Combination of Arrogance and Ideological Blinders

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: In my mind, it might have been an — sort of, quote, an “accident,” meaning HHS has got some people writing rules and they weren’t thinking, or it was deliberate and sort of a — a know it all and we’re going to tell you what to do and we think this is the best. Which is it? Or something else?

KARL ROVE: Look, it’s not — it was not a political calculation that this is going to win us votes. It was an ideological commitment to doing what they think is right, regardless of the consequences. And we saw this start in the Affordable Care Act.

I mean, again, I repeat, there’s a deliberate effort to say to religious hospitals and religious health institutions, You don’t have a right to refuse to do something that violates your fundamental moral precept of support of life and in opposition to abortion!

We saw it when they said, Look, a religious school has to take anybody as a teacher or a faculty member. You don’t have a right to say, as a religious institution, that people who share your faith ought to be teaching your schools. And the Supreme Court by a 9-0 decision said the Obama Justice Department was mistaken in its belief and that the Constitution guaranteed the freedom of religious institutions to do that!

And now we see it a third time. It is an ideological mindset that tramples on the right of religion because these are secular individuals, by and large, who have no respect for the fundamental importance of religious institutions in our society or the rights under the Constitution, the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, to freely express their religion and to encourage and call upon their members to live by the moral precepts of that church!



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