RNC not supporting Gingrich’s quest for Florida delegates

The Republican National Committee will not support Newt Gingrich in his quest to add some Florida delegates to his count.

The former Speaker’s campaign argued it deserves some delegates out of Florida despite the state party’s position that its contest is winner-take-all.

But an RNC memo obtained by The Hill says that is not a possible scenario.

“With regard to proportionality, the RNC does not have the authority to intervene in a state’s primary plans beyond the imposition of the Rule 16 penalties,” the memo says, referring to the state’s loss of half its delegates for moving its primary up to January. “A contest procedure exists for challenges to a state’s delegation or delegates. The RNC cannot consider any issue regarding Florida’s delegation unless and until a proper contest is brought.”

An RNC source said that Florida’s plan as submitted in the fall said the state would be winner-take-all, and their plan could not be changed.



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