Revisiting Reagan’s Evil Empire Speech

Okay, Ronald Reagan March 8, 2013, Orlando, this was at the National Association of Evangelicals annual convention. By the way, just so there’s no confusion, the reason I’m playing these bites for you is so that you understand — especially those of you who were too young or not interested back in 1983 — that this is nothing new, that a president who won election in two landslides spoke the same way as Santorum. I’m not saying that Santorum is Reagan. I’m saying that is what is happening with Santorum, the fact that he believes what he believes, is not unique. Many presidents have believed, in fact, far more than not have believed what Santorum believes and have said so. And the media reaction to Santorum is also not unique. It’s identical.

Many of us who were alive and kicking in 1983 and understand all the great, wonderful things that took place then with the Reagan years, the economic rebound and so forth, we are sometimes frustrated, “What happened?” Why do people who lived through that prosperity, which continued into the nineties, how do they so easily forget it? How were they so easily co-opted into thinking — and we know the media with the constant history revisionism that goes on daily and has been since Reagan was in office, and the co-opting of the public school system, not teaching about Reagan, or if they do, lying about Reagan. I’m not saying, “Please, can we have another Reagan.” That’s not the point of this. The point of this is to show you it’s not new. It’s not weird. It’s not unique that people think this way, as Rick Santorum does. Here’s Reagan. We have four or five bites of his speech in 1983. In this bite he interestingly refers to Alexis de Tocqueville.



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