Politicians Have a License to Steal

Do you know why so many lawyers are in Congress and in politics? ‘Cause they want to write the laws. And the reason they want to write the laws is guess who one of the largest groups of people that contribute to Democrats is? It’s lawyers. The plaintiff’s bar, tort lawyers. Tort reform is always fought. Can you imagine one of the biggest changes in this country culturally, politically, societally, if loser-pays became part of lawsuits? Loser pays! You’d wipe out over half of these crazy lawsuits that take place. Businesses that have been shut down would still be in business. Loser pays. Tort reform.

It’s a closed group of people. But I agree with you: There’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t limit the number of lawyers in Congress. The Constitution doesn’t permit it. It’s the same problem the women had. They were bellyaching and crying: “Not enough women in Congress!” What are we supposed to do? I’ll tell you what was inherently bad about it was that they making the point, “Only women can represent women! Only African-Americans can represent African-Americans!” I think what we ought to do for politicians is actually issue a License to Steal, rather than have it done on the sly. Just issue a license — and if you win elective office, you get the license. It says there, “License to Steal.” This is what happens.



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