Obama’s laughable compromise on health mandate

President Barack Obama has been hammered lately over his health mandate that every employer must provide insurance coverage for contraception, abortifacients and even sterilization, things many religious people find to be sinful, according to the tenets of their faith.

Obama says you must do this. It’s for your own good, of course.

As our editorial today points out, this is an egregious violation of First Amendment guarantees to the exercise of religious beliefs when the state demands people act against their beliefs. The White House today has suggested a compromise, which is transparently absurd.

“Under the new plan put forward by the White House health insurance companies, rather than the employer, will be required to offer contraception directly to employees of religious-linked institutions if requested,” reports the BBC.

This, of course, doesn’t address the objection – it merely attempts to obfuscate and distance the problem.

“This isn’t a real compromise,” says Horace Cooper of the National Center for Public Policy Research, and constitutional legal scholar. “Religious organizations will ultimately pay in higher premiums for the services their employees receive.”

As originally proposed the Obama mandate required even religious employers to offer such insurance coverage. Now as its faux “compromise,” it will require all insurance companies to offer such coverage, which means any insurance a religious employer purchases will contain it. That’s not a change. That’s a deception.



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