Obama Wants High Gas Prices

I think rising gas price, say, “What happened to Keystone pipeline?” Rising gas price, “Why is the drilling moratorium still going on in the Gulf?” Rising gasoline price, “Why the obstacles to domestic production?” And then if I were the Republicans, I’d go back and I’d get that Obama quote where he really wasn’t unhappy that the price of gas had hit four bucks. He was just unhappy how rapidly it happened. See, the dirty little secret, folks — Scott, I’m sure you know this — is Obama wants high gas prices. “Mr. Limbaugh, that is one of the most irresponsible things I have ever heard any talk show host say!”

Well, it’s very true, Mr. New Castrati. High gas prices will push people out of their cars and into electric cars and hybrids, mass transit. A high gasoline price is exactly what Obama wants. Obama wants pain. He wants interruptions to normalcy. Obama doesn’t want you being able to cheaply move around the country, cheaply move around your town. Obama doesn’t want that! This guy has invested everything he has, including your taxpayer dollars, into “green energy.” And you know the fraud that’s gone on there with the crony capitalism and the like. Obama’s not unhappy with $4 gasoline. Jay Carney said, “Eh, really not a whole lot that can be done about rising gas prices.” I think John Kerry… Didn’t John Kerry accuse Bush of having a secret deal with the Saudis? I think he did.

In the 2004 presidential campaign, he accused Bush of having some kind of secret deal to keep prices down during the campaign. It was some silly thing. But if I were the Republicans, I would make hay out of this, if for no other reason than to settle a score. You go back to 2006, rising gas prices, and check all the quotes from Democrats accusing Bush of doing it on purpose, or accusing Bush’s economic policies of causing it, or accusing Bush of not caring about it. Or, worse than that, Bush and Cheney personally profiting from it! You know, Cheney at Halliburton, Bush and the Bush family with Big Oil. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s all coming back to me now. That’s exactly what happened. They accused Bush and Cheney of profiting from rising oil prices. So damn right I turn it on ’em! I don’t think they’re gonna have to. The New York Times and the Washington Post both on Sunday had stories. It might have been Monday, although I don’t think so. This is Tuesday. Might have been Monday, but both papers were worried to death about rising gas price, what it meant to poor Obama’s election chances.



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