Obama Thinks He Can Buy Enough Votes to Trump His Record and Continue His Mission to Weaken America

Everything that George W. Bush proposed in terms of spending, Barack Obama voted for. Obama voted for everything that came before him, every spending increase as a Senator, he voted for it. There were 14.3 million fewer Americans on food stamps than there are today. The record of economic damage and destruction in this country is owing to one man, Barack Obama. Are we ever, ever going to hear that anything is Obama’s fault? In fact, what are we hearing? In fact, all of this is the Republican Congress’ fault. Obama’s running against a do-nothing Congress. He just submits a budget, a bankrupting budget that is indefensible, it’s a campaign document. That’s why it can’t be defended. And that was made perfectly clear on C-SPAN this morning as the budget director was made a fool of by Scott Garrett, Republican, New Jersey.

The reason Obama’s budget is difficult to defend is because the regime’s spending on donors and unions is destroying the country. Another solar firm goes bankrupt, and up next, wind companies bankrolled by Obama will go bankrupt. Every green energy endeavor is a total debacle, bankrupt, bailed out. None of this is traceable to George W. Bush. So Obama’s calculation is class warfare politics. It is clear what they’re doing. I had somebody say to me, sort of repeated what I said yesterday, “Rush, it’s clear, it’s now clear, the administration, Obama, clearly thinks that they can run as socialists and win election.” They don’t have to mask it anymore. As liberals, they don’t have to pretend that they’re not liberals, they don’t think. They’re out there not hiding who they are, other than this payroll tax cut extension. That’s the only area where Obama’s trying to make himself sound like a conservative.

But I have revised my thinking on this. I don’t think so much Obama is campaigning as a socialist. I think what he has calculated is that there are enough Americans who will sell their votes for him. That may be a distinction without a difference, but I still think it’s worth making. He thinks there are enough Americans who will sell their votes to him. Put another way, there are enough Americans whose votes he can buy, and he’s making every effort to do it. He’s trying to create as much dependence as he can in this country. Class warfare politics, unconstitutional mandates, contraception distractions, vote buying. That’s what they figure will trump failed policies. It’s clear that that’s their strategery. So his budget is a campaign document. The president puts another irresponsible budget in order to run against a do-nothing Congress.



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