Obama Ignoring Security in Plane Deal

A former congressman is warning Barack Obama is playing politics instead of watching over national security by manipulating a military aviation contract to be awarded to an unfriendly nation, while refusing to allow an American company with a track record from competing for the work.

Todd Tiahrt, a former congressman from Kansas who now runs an aerospace and aviation consulting company, says despite Obama’s claims on the campaign trail that he wants to create jobs in America, his actions show the only jobs he is interested in creating are in other countries.

The Air Force put out a request for 20 light attack aircraft to be used in Afghanistan. Hawker-Beechcraft, an American-based company with 80 years of aviation experience, designed the AT-6, a slightly modified version of a T-6 trainer which has been in production since 1999 to meet the Air Force’s needs.

The military previously had purchased more than 725 T-6s, which are used for training.



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