Obama Didn’t Cave on the HHS Mandate; He’s Making an Unprecedented Power Grab

The New York Times had the story before the end of the year last year that “white working-class Americans” are no longer targeted in terms of Obama’s reelection. There’s a big story. I forget who wrote it but it was a column in the New York Times, and it will come to me who wrote it. Some former Washington Post guy, columnist, who’s now big at the Huffing and Puffington Post, wrote this. Was it Dan Balz? I forget who it was. He said that the regime was not interested in “white working-class voters.” They said we’re not gonna go after those voters. Rove is interpreting it as: Well, we’re not gonna go after the Catholic vote.

That’s not what’s going on here. When Karl says he’s more afraid of Barbara Boxer and the pro-abortion caucus, this is what I mean by — in my humble opinion — people missing the point. This is where the RNC, the Republican establishment, doesn’t quite get what’s going on here. Obama is not doing what he’s doing to make Barbara Boxer happy or the pro-abortion crowd happy or the Democrat Senate Caucus happy. He knows that’s gonna happen. What he’s doing is violating the Constitution. He is coalescing extra-constitutional power. He is making a power grab here that is unprecedented in the history of the presidency.

Thomas Edsall, that’s right. Thomas Edsall wrote that piece in the New York Times, former Washington Post columnist. So I don’t think… This has been my argument with the Republican establishment from the get-go with Obama. I don’t think this is traditional politics at all. I don’t think traditional politics has anything to do with why Obama’s doing this. This is about fundamentally transforming this country from a representative republic to a pure, straight democracy with the president assuming he’s the majority and therefore can do whatever he wants to do. We’re not dealing with the average, “Okay, the Democrats won the White House. They’re gonna have it for four or eight years. We gotta try to stop ’em however we can and we’ll get power back.”

There’s something unprecedented going on here.

Woodrow Wilson dreamed of this.

FDR dreamed of this.

Obama is doing this.



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