Obama and the Super PACs

CALLER: He had opposed it and railed against the Supreme Court ruling. Now he embraces it. Doesn’t that take that issue off the table?

RUSH: No. It’ll never take it off the table. They’ll continue to complain about it and whine and moan. They’ll whine about everybody else’s, not theirs. See, but they’ve already got two built-in super PACs nobody ever talks about: They’ve got the media and labor, Big Labor. They’ve already got the equivalent of maybe more than two super PACs. But no. Look, nothing is gonna stop them being hypocritical.

CALLER: Isn’t Schumer next week gonna have hearings on the whether it’s legal or not?

RUSH: I think the purpose of those hearings that Schumer’s conducting is going to be to pressure Republicans. To pressure them, to frighten them, to let them know that he and other elements of the government are gunning for ’em. What it really is is Chuck-U Schumer trying to intimidate donors into staying out, not getting involved. He’s trying to make it look like they, too, could be investigated. Remember, nobody wants to be investigated by the government ’cause you can’t compete with them. You don’t have the money. Plus the game is rigged. You’re always gonna lose. People think the simplest solution is: Don’t get involved. And that is the express purpose behind what’s going on with Schumer. It’s typical. It’s intimidation. But the regime, you might say they’re being hypocritical. But they’ll never admit it. I think the thing to note about this is the fact that Obama’s gonna go super PACs. Why? I thought Obama was this big million-dollar campaign baby? I thought he had all kinds of money to campaign!

Now apparently that’s not right.



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