Newt Thinks He Can Win Without Money

I’m not gonna mention any names, but I had a meeting once with a guy whose name you would know, who has served in administrations, who wanted to run for president. He didn’t want to ask people for money. Did not. He couldn’t lower himself, thought it was beneath himself to ask people for money. He didn’t want to owe them anything. So he convened a meeting at a very famous luxury hotel in Washington. I was one of the many experts there, and there were a bunch of campaign consultants. He went around the table and asked: “Is it possible? Could I run for the presidency without asking people for, and receiving, a lot of money?” And they all said, “No way, pal.” He thought the power of his personality, the power of his ideas, the power of his persuasion would be enough. I think that’s Newt. I’ve heard Newt say he doesn’t want to ask people for money. I do believe Newt thinks he can do it without a lot of money.



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