Mitt’s Really Big CPAC Problem

This weekend in Washington D.C. the Conservative Political Action Conference will be meeting to rally the Republican base around important issues, give nomination candidates a chance to speak and give voice and form to the conservative agenda for the fall election.

The CPAC convention during an election year is actually pretty important to Republicans and the last one in 2008 was rife with political theatre. Mitt Romney used his CPAC speech on Thursday, February 7th 2008 to actually drop out of the Republican nomination race and endorse McCain. Romney’s quote that got the biggest applause is almost bursting with irony in retrospect:

I disagree with John McCain on many things but we agree on the need to do everything we have to to win in Iraq … and to find and execute Osama bin Laden.

Right solutions 0 but unfortunately for Mitt the other party (and a brother) managed to accomplish all of the above. More importantly, after dropping out of the race, Romney still won the CPAC straw poll pulling out a close 35% to 34% victory over McCain because ironically at the time Romney was considered the ‘true’ conservative in the race.

Oh, how things have changed in four short years.



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