Marco Rubio Sounds Right Notes

Marco Rubio delivered the keynote speech at the HLN Conference in Miami. I want to read you one quote. I want to lift one paragraph of Marco Rubio’s speech, which I think he delivered in Spanish, if I’m reading this correctly. I don’t know if he delivered it in Spanish or not. Maybe the first 1-1/2 minutes was in Spanish on YouTube. (interruption) No, no, not Headline News. Well, maybe it was. For all I know it was. The Headline News… I really don’t know what HLN is. But it is the name of their network, right? HLN? Doesn’t matter. Here’s what he said:

“And so, when the choices that are put before us today are dangerous ones because if we choose this path of pitting people against each other, if we buy into this notion that our economy really can’t grow fast enough for all of us to prosper so we’re going to have to somehow empower government to distribute the wealth of this country among us, we’ve chosen to become like everybody else. We’ve chosen to become like the countries that your parents and grandparents came here to get away from. And that’s a powerful message. And that’s the message that we need to deliver. And that’s the message we need to work on delivering. It’s a winning message.”

Boy, he’s exactly right. Barack Obama is taking… Hispanic Leadership Conference. That’s what it was, the Hispanic Leadership Conference. What Barack Obama is doing is taking this country back to being just like the countries your parents and grandparents came here to get away from. We’re becoming “just like everybody else.” Barack Obama is taking this country in the direction of Europe, just like everybody else. He’s gonna make this country the exact kind of country your parents and grandparents fled. From the first time I heard this guy give a speech, I told you: He’s got a future.



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