“Linsanity” exposes silly liberal PC standards

While Glenn was out of the country last week and through the weekend, America was wrapped up in “Linsanity”. It was pretty “Lincredible” how much people were focused on New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin. But fascination turned to outrage when ESPN printed an overnight headline of “A Chink In the Armor”. Was it racist or an honest mistake? And were the drastic steps that ESPN took appropriate? Glenn weighs in, but warning – he doesn’t know a lot about sports (but he does get the Constitution).

A Stu explained, Knicks superstar Jeremy Lin had a bad game, and someone in their headline department wrote “A Chink in the Armor” as a headline.

“So, they’re saying that they believe this headline writer wrote it because he’s racist and was saying “chink” in the derogatory Chinese way rather than just the phrase that everyone uses all the time,” Stu said.



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