CALLER: Anyways, I’m a conservative here in Houston, and I think that it might not be a bad thing if Obama did get reelected, and I’m gonna give you my reason for that.

RUSH: You don’t have to. I’m gonna tell you right now: NO! Why does this keep coming up? In 1992: NO! In 1988, “Rush, let the Democrats win. Let people find out how rotten they are and wipe ’em out forever.” In 1992, “Rush, let Clinton win. You know, let’s expose these RINO Republicans like George Bush and let’s make sure people understand what a bunch of worthless creeps the Democrats are! Let ’em ruin the country, Rush, and then they’ll never get elected again.” And then in 2000, “Rush, come on! Let ’em elect Algore. We got a RINO, George W. Bush.”

Well, let me tell you something. In 2008, the most destructive, leftist, socialist, Marxist American ever elected was elected. And as we sit here, today he’s got a chance of being reelected. So the theory doesn’t work. Now, I realize you’re new to politics and I appreciate your calling. This comes up at least once a month here. I’m doing my best to maintain my composure. But it will not work. You’re ruining the country in the process of this. Every time a Democrat wins the presidency, we lose a little of this country, and we have lost a large part of it. If he’s reelected, it doesn’t matter how bad people think it got. Getting it put back together is gonna be a nightmare.

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