Is the GOP Elite Ready to Concede?

You need me to translate this ’cause this is all over the ballpark. Basically Mr. Heilemann talks to Republican elites, establishment types, and he’s simply reported what we all know. They don’t expect to win. They thought Romney could win, but they weren’t confident, but they were gonna support Romney anyway because he would protect them in the Senate and House races. They might get the Senate. They’ll hold the House, they might get the Senate back, and then they get control of the money and then they can stop Obama. But the Republican establishment has never really been confident Obama could win.

Now what Heilemann says, (paraphrasing) “Look, they’re totally depressed, ’cause the only guy that had a chance was Romney, and now he’s so damaged, Romney can’t even win his home state, can’t even win, can’t even lead in the polling data. So neither of these guys can win, and the elite Republicans have given up. The Republican establishment is consigned to defeat. They have given up.” That’s what Heilemann’s report was all about. They’ve caved, they don’t think it’s possible to win with either of these guys, and they’re already anticipating why they’re gonna lose, and they’re starting to put together their explanation so they can learn from it for 2016. That’s what that means.

On Morning Joe today on MSNBC — folks, it’s the only network we can go to to get liberal comment. I know I get sick and tired of it, but CNN is so confused, it’s not even worth the time other than Erin Burnett’s show, but there’s not much else there. We have to go to MSNBC to find out what these people are saying, and F. Chuck Todd, and he, too, is reporting that the Republican establishment is ready to concede the nomination to Santorum. Did you hear me? Chuck Todd says the Republican establishment has thrown in the towel and they are now willing to concede this to Santorum and let him lose.



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