Imagine a Moratorium on Gun Control in 2012

Imagine a five year moratorium on all enforcement of gun laws. What would happen?

Would the fears and apprehensions of gun control activists come true? Or, would we see a re-awakening of the electorate’s supervision of our public servants and a much greater excitement about self-rule?

I think the re-awakening would transpire. Heritage of sovereignty would come alive and the government/governed rapport would improve immensely. You see, Americans do not hate their government; we prefer our roads to be safe, our meat inspection to be reliable, and our votes to be righteous (and counted). What we also prefer is respect for the Sovereign.

What would happen if the United States enjoyed a moratorium on restrictions on equipment for rifles, a moratorium on the enforcement of types of guns, acoustic suppressors, length of a rifle, magazine capacity or where and when one can concealed carry? What would change?

And what would happen to our image around the world? Would the UN back down on its insistences on arms control? Would national and international commerce improve? Would lending improve if neighborhoods were safer? And would jobs return?



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