Harry Reid: GOP First Amendment Concerns Are ‘Senseless’

The Senate Majority Leader was not happy when Republicans tried to attach the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act to the transportation bill. The Huffington Post reports:

“Here is a bipartisan bill to create and save jobs,” the Democrat from Nevada said, noting it had required the input of four different committees. “Every state in the union is desperate for these dollars. But to show how the Republicans never lose an opportunity to mess up a good piece of legislation, listen to this: They’re talking about First Amendment rights, the Constitution.”

Reid fumed, “That is so senseless. This debate that’s going on dealing with this issue dealing with contraception is a rule that hasn’t been made final yet. There’s no final rule.”

“Until there’s a final rule on this, let’s deal with the issue before us. That’s saving jobs for our country,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like this before. … Why don’t we just calm down and see what the final rule is.”



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