GOP Establishment is Embarrassed by Social Conservatives

The Republican establishment, for the most part, if they could, would simply excommunicate every social conservative Republican they could find. They’d kick ’em out of the party, and they would gag ’em. They’d find a way to make sure they couldn’t speak. That’s how much they hate ’em, detest ’em, are embarrassed by them. And it’s based on one thing, primarily. It’s based on the fact that these establishment Republicans and others who don’t like the social conservatives are primarily, singularly worried about what people are going to think of them for being in the same party with the social conservatives. It really is no more complicated than that. I mean there are other things. They think social conservatives lose elections. They think social conservatives make the whole Republican Party a big target, like what’s going on now, this contraception business.

They are, the Republican establishment is blaming — not so much Santorum; they’ll get to that — they are blaming social conservatives for this even being usable as an issue by Obama. They blame social conservatives, for, in their minds, empowering Democrats to make an issue out of something that doesn’t exist. In this case, there’s not one person, not one, including Santorum, nobody has advocated banning contraception. Not one person. Nobody. And yet the House does hearings on whether or not Obama has the authority to demand that insurance companies provide them, and the Democrats create a dog-and-pony show where a couple women walk out.

After failing to get a college student female permission to testify, the media steps right in and tells the unsuspecting idiots that watch the news and don’t know what’s going on that there was a congressional hearing on banning contraception. These brave Democrats are not gonna stand for that. These brave Democrats walked out. They’re not gonna let Republicans get away with that. They’re not gonna let these Republicans get away with making people stop screwing. It isn’t gonna happen. The Democrats are gonna make sure if you want to screw you can do it as much as you want and we’ll provide you the contraception for it. And these Republicans, they’re the ones that want to deny you fun. They’re the ones that will deny you freedom to be whoever you want, and we’re gonna make sure they don’t get — and that’s how this all works.

And the establishment Republicans sit there and they cringe. They don’t have the desire or the wherewithal to enter this fray and help properly frame it and refute it. They just sit there embarrassed and angry over what people are gonna think of them. But Tony here is right. You can’t separate cultural rot from economic problems. The two go hand in hand.



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