Distressing Day in Obamaville: GOP Caves on Payroll Tax, Bam Brags About 40 Bucks

Have you seen the headlines on the tax deal, folks? The payroll tax extension deal? The deal that puts $40 a month, a whopping $40 a month, in people’s pockets? Headline, here it is in TheHill.com: “Republicans Retreat on Tax Cut.” Other headlines: “Republicans Cave on Tax Cut.” Another headline: “House Republican Leaders Agree to Payroll Tax Holiday Extension Without Offsets.” The news is that Obama has rolled the Republicans once again. That’s the headline. And the Republicans, God bless ’em, no matter how hard they try to gain the approval of the Drive-By Media, it’s just never gonna happen, and I don’t understand how they do not learn this.

Hi, folks. How the heck are you? We’re here behind the Golden EIB Microphone. Rush Limbaugh, the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.

So the Republicans reach across the aisle, and what happens? What does Obama do? He tells the country they might be lying. He trusts the Muslim Brotherhood more than the Republicans. Have you heard about the Muslim Brotherhood? The Muslim Brotherhood’s out there, and by the way, folks, they’re not who you think they are if you think they’re some peace-loving group from the Middle East.



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