Democrats Relish Contraception and Abortion Battle with the Bitter Clingers

This attack by the federal government on religious freedom in our country must not stand, and it will not stand. So he’s saying the House will act to reverse the regime’s attack on religious freedom. “If the president does not reverse the department’s attack on religious freedom, the Congress must. The House will approach this matter fairly and deliberately, through regular order and the appropriate legislative channels. … This attack by the federal government on religious freedom in our country must not stand, and will not stand.”

The Washington Post has a story: “Why White House Sees Political Opportunity in the Contraception Battle.” There were some stories yesterday about the White House getting nervous, maybe walking this back. No, they love this. They love this battle. Obama loves — I made the point yesterday — Obama loves tweaking us. Obama loves getting us upset. The media does, too. They have the biggest time doing this. They love doing things just to get a rise out of all of us, including you. And the Washington Post, “Why White House Sees Political Opportunity in the Contraception Battle.”

Now, the article’s based on a chart from a Public Religion Research poll that shows that only a majority of the white evangelicals care about this abortion and contraception stuff. It just isn’t that important to other groups. That’s what the White House thinks. And it’s what the left thinks, by the way. I should tell you this. The left thinks that this stuff on the Catholic Church is not Catholic-wide, that a lot of Catholics don’t care. No big deal. The White House, the media, the Democrats, left, et al, what they think is the only people to get riled about this are white evangelicals and typical pro-lifers, and you know what they think of them. White evangelicals are a bunch of racists and the pro-lifers are a bunch of eggheads.

The bitter clingers, Obama and the left, they love sticking it to that group. They have no respect for them. They think they’re a bunch of hayseeds and hicks, and so the contraception battle, abortion battle, going against the Catholic Church, they think most Catholics are gonna care because they don’t think Catholics are like pro-lifers. They don’t consider Catholics to be evangelicals. Now, here’s more from the Washington Post article. “But while Catholic leadership has blasted the new regulation, polls show that a majority of Catholics are actually more supportive of the provision than the rest of the country.” Did you know that? The Washington Post has a story, polling data which says that a majority of Catholics actually support Obama in forcing Catholic schools to sell contraceptives and the morning-after abortion bill. Did you know that, folks? Yeah, right there, right there in the Washington Post.



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