Democrats outraged by Republican use of Democrat tactic

The outrageous outrage may have peaked on the Larry O’Donnell show where he criticized the ad as an example of racial stereotyping, xenophobia, and nativism. He then called on members of SAG and AFTRA (actors unions) to pledge to turn down work on commercials like this. (Leave it to someone on MSNBC to believe that if the union doesn’t do it, no one else will.)

What Larry didn’t mention, was this campaign against Pat Toomey by the DSCC—the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee—waaaayyyy back in 2010. While trying to claim that Toomey cared more about Chinese jobs than American ones, the Democrats utilize both the classic “GONG!” and the oh-so-clever “fortune cookie.” (You have to admire the crunching cookie sound effect.)



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