Democrats Ginned Up Contraception Debate to Fire Up Their Base, Divide the GOP and Distract from the Economy

At a press conference, Leader Pelosi was asked by The Weekly Standard: ‘The Catholic Church in Washington, D.C., is a self-insured institution. Should the Catholic Church in Washington, D.C., be required to pay for these morning-after pills and birth control if they find that morally objectionable?'” And Nancy Pelosi, who claims to be a devout Catholic, said, “Yes, I think that all institutions who cover, who give, health insurance should cover the full range of health insurance issues for women.”

So Pelosi is suggesting the Catholic Church (unlike what everybody thought) damn well should provide abortion, damn well should provide contraception, damn well should provide abortion pills or contraception pills or birth control pills. Damn right they should! Why shouldn’t they? They have insurance companies. Why should they be given an out and not have to cover health issues for women? At the same news conference, Pelosi said 98% of Catholic women use birth control. Are even 98% of Catholic women within childbearing age? Really, keep an eye on Pelosi. They will tell you, the Democrats will tell you exactly who they are. That’s why I’m able to predict back in December 20th what they’re gonna be doing today.

Speaking of which, grab audio sound bite 22. This is just now, moments ago on PMSNBC. John Podesta, the former Clinton chief of staff, was on. He now runs Think Progress, Think the American Way, some uber-leftist think tank. And he was asked, “Do you think there’s a risk here of Democrats in the White House getting overconfident, what with all this great economic news out there? Do you think so?”



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